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Dakota APEX


This light is top of the line, a MUST HAVE for the hunter who wants the best! The APEX has the best burn times, brightest colors, and brightest main beam of any light on the market today! The switch is on the head, making it very accessible and user friendly. We set this light up with a 10 position switch; 4 main led settings and a low and high of each color. We can put up to 3 colors on this light. Color choices are walk light, red, amber, blue, and green. The APEX will burn over 6 hours on high and over 8 days on the low setting! The colors burn longer! This light was built for the hard to please!





Dakota Vertex

We are more than pleased to announce our newest light, the VERTEX! The upgrades on this light are unreal! This light is the most customizable light available today! The Vertex is $275 shipped to your door. We have it on bump caps, soft caps, or belt light versions.
This light weighs only 19 OUNCES!!! We are capable of putting 6 colored leds in the Vertex color modules. We have 4 color styles of main led from clear white all the way to yellow tint. Our off white led is the most popular and brightest. We added a LASER that sits in the middle of the modules. The laser is controlled by a rocker switch that is located on the battery box. All light positions are controlled by one switch that is located on the head. The main beam has a low setting that runs a week, medium setting that runs 70 hours, and high runs 4.5-5 hours. Walking lights and colored lights burn over 100 hours on low and 20 hours on high.






Dakota Bullet G2

This light is an upgrade from the original Bullet lights we have made for the last few years. We went with a lighter weight head and a slim color module to make this light more balanced and easier to wear all night. The off-white main beam is brighter, the colors are much brighter than recent models, and we are able to put 3 colors on this one. Just like any Dakota Light, this one can be customized to fit your needs! Available on a bump cap, soft cap, or belt light version. This light weighs 17 ounces! Burn times on the main beam are 130 hours low, 65 hours medium and 4 hours on high. Walk lights and colored leds are around 100 hours on low and 45 hours on high. Shipped to your door for only $175!!!






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