Waders, Bump Caps , Low Profile, and Hard Shell Caps



Low Profile Mesh Summer Caps

W/Swivel $20.00

Low Profile Caps W/Swivel $20.00


Low Profile Hard Shell Soft Caps $25.00




Grubs Boot (Light Duty Chaps)

Grubs Boot (Pro Chap)

Grubs Boot (Heavy Duty Chap)

We use the Stalking 5.0 HI for our Grubs boots. Stalking 5.0 has 5mmof insulation rated to below freezing. Tried and tested on the finest estates in England to the Highlands of Scotland. It has 5mm of CR-foam and moisture wicking terry polyester lining. Vibram's excellent multi sport sole gives superior grip on all surfaces.

In Grubs 5.0 Technology boots the bootie is lined with moisture wicking terry knit, which keeps the wearer dry and has a super stretch to fit most calves. As INSU-FOAM ULTRA is a temperature neutral materil it will keep the wearers foot comfortable in most conditions for a prolonged period.

Temperature range: 85 to -5 Fahrenheit (30 to -10 Centigrade)





Valley Creek Muck Boots (Light Weight Chaps)...$125.00


Valley Creek Muck Boots (Heavy Weight Chaps)...$130.00



LaCrosse Aerohead (Pro Chaps)





kids boots

Valley Creek Kid's Boots $75.00


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