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Hotspot Elite

We have tried to keep it simple here at Boss Lights, as we know trying to figure out what light to buy can get confusing. On top of that it seems that every other week something is being changed or added to the light you just purchased and it’s name is changed. We have been selling the Hotspot for 5 years with only minor changes. The changes we did make were incorporated into the light and we didn’t change the name and claim to have next best thing. The reason is simple. The Boss Hotspot was built right the first time and it has what a coon hunter needs to find a coon with and safely get around the woods. Since we first built the Hotspot we have listened very close to what customers have said and what improvements they would like to see. 

We feel the Boss Hotspot Elite competes with any light being sold when it comes to what the Coon Hunter needs. That is Reliability, Brightness, Burn Time, Comfort and Affordability. 

The first change is the Switch has been moved to the head. We have a lot of people up north that wear hoodies and it makes it so much easier for them to get to their switch. The switch has 4 forward positions for the main beam. Then two positions for the walk light and two positions for the colored LED. As in the past you can have the colored LED in Red or Green. The second change is the brightness of the Walk Light. You can easily shine trees with the Walk Light if you want to. It is BRIGHT. The Battery box is also smaller than our past lights. 3.4 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches. While many light builders are going to smaller battery boxes with less batteries, that is something we would not do. We have 3 top of the line batteries on the box which gives you 4 hours of burn time on high and our light will then start to dim down and still last 2 more hours. On the main beam our favorite is the DeDomed LED. It gives you a warm white color that makes it a lot easier to find the coon against the bark of the tree and it penetrates and doesn’t wash out when shining off in the distance. With the Walk Light being writer and a cool white, you have the best of both worlds in one light. Also don’t want to forget the LAZER that the Boss Lights have built into them. There is one simple toggle switch to turn it on and off with. 

Price $299.99


Black Ridgeline Bump Cap
Soft Cap with liner in two styles. Winter cap

or Mesh Back Cap with 1 inch holes drilled in the liner.


22 ounces

4 Forward Positions
4 Reverse Positions for Walk Light and Colored Light.
Colored Light Red or Green

Burn Time 
4 Hours on High. Walk Lights and Main beam off of high will burn for days.

Battery Box
3 Top Quality Batteries
4V (3.7)
Size - 3.4 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches.

2 Full Years Parts and Labor



The Boss Hotspot  3D SE Caplight 

Comes with Extremely Bright Warm White Colored Main Beam and your Choice of Red and Green or Red and Flooded White Secondary LED's.

With built in LASER Optional.

The Boss HotSpot 3D SE is our newest light.  Technology changes at a rapid pace these days and as it changes we will continue to incorporate the most modern advancements into our line up of Lights. Along with the extremenly bright warm white LED used for spotting and long distance shining we have added your choice of one red and one green LED or one red and one flooded white LED to use for walking, boating or camping. 


We have been proud of our lights for the past four years and we will continue to bring you lights with quality built in.  The Boss HotSpot has us excited for several reasons.  The reasons are actually the answers to the questions you the customer ask when you call about a light.      

First question I am always asked. “How Bright is the Lights Main Beam”.   

The Boss HotSpot will shine the top of any tree and show you what's up there.  If you think that claim is incorrect, we have nothing to hide. We are at Coon Hunts around the Country on a regular basis and your are welcome to stop by and compare any light you have with our lights.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that. You can determine not only the BRIGHTNESS but the HALO pattern of the light which is important to us.  Why?  The HALO is what puts light at your feet so you can see what your fixing to trip over. 

Second question is “What is the Burn Time" 

Position 5- 3.5 hours

Position 4 - 26 hours

Position 3- 44 hours

Position 2 - 80 hours

Position 1- over 100 hours

Third question is “How Much Does it Weigh and is it Balanced”.

Let me answer the BALANCED part first.  Our lights are not only used by Coonhunters.  We are proud to say that Gator Hunters, Varmit Hunters, Hog Hunters, Frogger’s and night Fisherman enjoy our Lights.  If your in a boat wrestling a Gator over the side or any of these other activities, you need a light that is balanced so it will stay on your head.  If your looking down or looking up, it is there to stay. We build our lights solid and we understand a cap light may not be for everyone. Some people can’t stand any weight on their head as they have never worn a hat.  Others take off the hardhat they work in everyday and put on their coon hunting cap light at night and think nothing of it.  If your use to wearing a cap then the weight of our light which is a pound and a half, in no way will slow you down. 

Colored LED's and Optional Laser

As you can see in the picture there are two smaller LED's below the Main Beam.  You can get these in RED and GREEN combination or RED and FLOODED WHITE combination.  The RED LED is excellent for finding the coons eye in the tallest trees.  Also works great for gators at close range so you don't spook them.  FLOODED White LED which is an excellent walk light, mule riding light, boat light or camping light when a broader flood light is needed.  GREEN LED is popular with varmit hunters and hog hunters. Please make sure at check out you use the drop box to get the color combination of the smaller LED's you perfer.  


LASER is OPTIONAL for $30 extra.  A favorite among Competition Coonhunters who may need to show the competition where the coon is in the tree.  It is also great for pointing out any object to your fellow hunters that can find what your looking at. 

How did we come up with the name HotSpot?

That was easy.  Some special people have a very special dog by the name of SMOKIN HOTSPOT.  During a conversation discussing this light it was asked if they would mind us calling our light the "Boss HotSpot".  Jarrod said it sounded like a good idea to him!!  





New Battery Comparison

The Boss Hotspot SE

Smaller battery pack NEW on Hotspot SE




Hotspot SE with new battery pack









Boss Magnum XL Caplight

Only $150.00

The Boss Magnum XL is our most affordable light that doesn't compromise durablity and brightness.

This light is a great light for Coon hunters, Gator hunters, Deer hunters and, any one looking for a great light around the house. Only available on a bump cap that is very comfortable and lightweight.

Burn Time

Position 5- 3.5 hours

Position 4 - 26 hours

Position 3- 44 hours

Position 2 - 80 hours

Position 1- over 100 hours

                               also comes in a box light.                                 





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