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The Inferno is our latest light, it has the quality workmanship and lifetime warranty that out customers have loved in the past. It has 2 flooded walking lights and 2 colors. It comes standard with a red and green but we can place red, green or amber in them, in any combination you like. It has a nice clean spot and on our meter we have not seen anything brighter. The colors are a perfect flood for walking or shinning eyes. The walking light is nicer than any we have made so far. You and your buddies can walk with it. It is balanced perfect. You can place one finger in the middle of the helmet and it sets perfectly level. I'm no salesmen so I have to rely on a great product and facts and that's all I'm giving you here. We would greatly appreciate your business, thanks.

High 2 1/2 to 3 hours
low 145 hours
Flooded walking light and all the colors are 15 high, 100 hours on low.
Switch on the head
interchangeable from Hard cap to soft cap
Lifetime warranty
perfectly balanced and comfortable on a ridge line bump cap.






Special Price $200.00

Same light as before

Bump Cap also available.

Best value on the market!!!

100,000 Lux with Color!!!!!





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