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The only call featuring the Phoenix reed system. The Phoenix reed system was developed right here in our shop, and is the only new call available that DOES NOT solely rely on the use JC reeds.

The Phoenix, like the Chatterbox, CB2, and Pinnacle before it, is a two piece call with changeable reeds, that takes both the Phoenix reed system, and the Pinnacle reed packs, giving it unparralelled versatility and durablility. This call combines the great sound of BSGC, with a reed system that will last longer than anything on the market. Each Phoenix will feature a lifetime warranty on the call, and a 6 month warranty on the Phoenix reeds. The Phoenix can be ordered in either a molded poly version or an all wood version.


Sunspot Triple Reed Squallers








2 Lookin' Down

coon squallers

$30.00 each



Boss Coon Squaller



Ultrak 440 Stopwatch






Tracking Collar

Replacement Antennas $9.95


Regular $2.00

Nylon With Tabs $3.50


3.6 Volt Batteries

1/2 AA $6.50

AA $6.50

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