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The evolution of the hunting light has come a long way in a short period of time. From open flames to engineered light emitting diodes, Sunspot Lights has been, and continues to be the industry leader in innovation, durability, and customer service. The new Sunspot Copperhead brings all the best features of the Viper, Sniper, Rage, and Ultra HD into one complete package. Switch is on the head but can be ordered with a switch on the box. It’s your light and your choice. Everything operates from one switch except the green laser.
Innovative technologies allow the two position red and amber lights to burn at 50% brighter above what was already an industry leader.
An unparalleled two position spot beam that can burn 100 hrs on low and 6 continuous hrs on high.
You get a two position walk light as well that can burn 100 hours on low and 15 hours on high. Switched on high, you could literally watch the sun set and rise and never be in the dark.
Smaller, lighter, and brighter. That was Sunspots goal in designing this new light, Michael and his family stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee. That’s not just good business, that’s a family legacy.


With Bump Cap or Soft Cap add $10.00




This light is lightweight, balanced and bright but also easy to use!

The Sunspot Sniper uses all of the same technology of the viper but with an adjusted switch spot.

Sunspot felt the head area was getting too big so the switch has

been moved to the battery area making these one of the most balanced lights on the market.

***Head Color may be Orange or Black***


Green laser
Extremely bright red with 2 levels.
The absolute brightest walking light on the market.
6 hours on high main beam.
15 hours on high walking light
15 hours on high red



Main Beam

Walking Light


Bent Oak Triple Threat

  • Three Clicks of Main Bean, Two Clicks of Walk, and Two clicks of a vibrant red beam
  • Burn Times: Low Spot 100 Hours, High Spot 2 Hours, High Walk and High Color 12+ Hours
  • One Year Warranty on the battery and headpiece (does not apply to headband or cap that comes with purchase)






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